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Hurricane River Campground Beach

Au Sable Point

A few years ago when I first moved to the Upper Peninsula, I was determined to find the Au Sable dunes and the Log Slide. The dunes are enormous, and the Log Slide is the spot where loggers tumbled harvested trees down the dunes to people waiting below. I found the gate leading to theContinue reading “Au Sable Point”

Sand Point Lighthouse at Night

Sand Point Lighthouse

Growing up in the desert, I didn’t pay much attention to lighthouses. I’d only seen them in pictures and assumed they existed solely to guide ocean-going ships. Sure, I remember studying the growth of industry in the United States, but it never occurred to me that any major shipping on inland waters took place outsideContinue reading “Sand Point Lighthouse”

Boulders and Crashing Waves at Twelvemile Beach

Twelvemile Beach

One of the truly amazing things about Lake Superior is its diversity. You can go to one location and find rocky points jutting out into the lake, then go a few miles down the road and find fine sand beaches. And just about everything in between. On the eastern end of Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreContinue reading “Twelvemile Beach”

Right Twin Ice Formation at Pictured Rocks

Ice Climbing!

We’re in the muddy part of the winter to spring transition in the Upper Peninsula, so I’ll revert back to winter for another post.  One of the new activities for me this season was ice climbing. I didn’t know ice climbing was a thing until I moved to the UP, but it’s a great sportContinue reading “Ice Climbing!”

Calliope, Queen of Lake Superior

Spring Break (Special Midweek Update)

Here’s one for all you spring breakers hanging out down on the southern coast somewhere. Yes, it’s spring break time for many schools in the Upper Peninsula. This is when lots of families make an annual pilgrimage to Florida only to see exactly the same people in Florida they do in the UP, just warmer.Continue reading “Spring Break (Special Midweek Update)”

Blue Ice Shoves on Little Bay de Noc

Little Bay de Noc in Early Spring

I suppose all indications are that we’re in for an early spring in the Upper Peninsula. That’s relative this far north, however. For us, an early spring means temperatures are creeping into the 40 degree range and snow is melting off faster than usual, not that grass and leaves are sprouting. Still, all this warmingContinue reading “Little Bay de Noc in Early Spring”

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